Melafix alternative for betta Feb 7, 2017. . My betta has a tumor like growth on his side that seems to have developed over the past few months, he has a hard time swimming and sits around a lot. His movements are a bit jerky. Fill the container with Epsom salt, following the manufacturer’s guidelines. Mar 9, 2014. " I've had experiences with Melafix in the past, and accidentally overdosed my darling Nocturne. . #9. 90. Jan 12, 2016 · MelaFix/PimaFix are okay for Betta's since the oil in it is water soluable and doesn't coat the labyrinth organ like everyone will Parrot to you. 5-gallon tank = add 2. . MELAFIX fish remedy also promotes regrowth of damaged fins and tissue. . Add aquarium salt (the kind aquarists would use in a saltwater tank), or Epsom salt, into the container. . The "generally accepted" quantity for Catappa leaves is subjective, at best- typically like 1-2 large leaves (approximately 5" plus) for every 15 gallons (approximately) of tank capacity, or several smaller ones for the same tank volume. Apr 24, 2009 · Since corys are prone to the same bacterial infections that the betta could get, be sure to keep the water clean and the bottom well vacuumed. . Once done fasting, feed the fish bits of green peas to detoxify its system. NavigatorBlack Locked;. API MELAFIX Freshwater Fish Bacterial Infection Remedy 8-Ounce Bottle - USA. The tank was new, as were the gravel,. 4. #6. . MELAFIX. Fungal Infection will look. . . Mar 9, 2019 · I can’t tell if it’s lumpy or not. Bettas can tolerate tea tree oil to an extent but there's the. Apply BettaZing to the tank to kill any external parasites. Over the last two weeks I’ve been dosing the tank every other day with Melafix, and changing out 5 gallons of water every other day (heated and conditioned water). This product treats the betta fin rot and sanitizes the tank water to prevent the disease from returning. Jan 13, 2016 · 73 posts · Joined 2013. .
Over the last 6 or 7 years I have heard of stories about melaleuca allergies, repertory/gill problems and spasms in betta fish. . . . Even if it is caused by biting, that can get infected and CAN turn into rot. It is advisable to use LESS than the stated dosage though as they will be less tolerant than other fish. . From the moment i got him, his gills haven't looked. S. 40 $34. . • Whitish cottony tufts or patches appear on the mouth, skin and fins of tropical fish, goldfish and koi. . . The safety of Melafix for use in goldfish and clownfish was assessed by gross and microscopic histologic examination after a 28-day exposure of the test subjects to the manufacturer׳s dosing recommendation. i have been reading up on betta fin rot and found that melafix(?) would be a good solution. . #13. It started with the now famous/infamous "Melafix Alert" thread. To be on the safe side you can do a small water change to dilute the melafix. . . This all-natural remedy rapidly repairs ulcers and open. Sep 18, 2008. . ERYTHROMYCIN and add AQUARIUM SALT to reduce fluid accumulation.

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